Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Ahh, the famous Evil Day. I like the way SpiteSpright decided to do her post. So, here is my version.

Here is what Evil things I did today.
1. I F'ing woke up. Grrr.
2. I took out the evil garbage.
3. I washed the evil EVIL dishes.
4. I wasted time on the not-so-evil internet.
5. Oh- the evil addicting MySpace too.
5. I weighed myself and found out I lost a total of 21 EVILEVILEVIL pounds. Woot!
6. I washed some evil laundry.
7. I arrived at my evil job.
8. I was called a "fat ass" by a WITCH, who we had to put in restraints in the hallway, who was continually yelling "THE DEVIL IS GOING TO KILL YOU! You have SATAN in your eyes! What did I do to deserve this? The DEVIL is taking my soul!!!"
Yeah, um, this was an interesting night :)

Goodnight Mr.Devil.