Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Ahh, the famous Evil Day. I like the way SpiteSpright decided to do her post. So, here is my version.

Here is what Evil things I did today.
1. I F'ing woke up. Grrr.
2. I took out the evil garbage.
3. I washed the evil EVIL dishes.
4. I wasted time on the not-so-evil internet.
5. Oh- the evil addicting MySpace too.
5. I weighed myself and found out I lost a total of 21 EVILEVILEVIL pounds. Woot!
6. I washed some evil laundry.
7. I arrived at my evil job.
8. I was called a "fat ass" by a WITCH, who we had to put in restraints in the hallway, who was continually yelling "THE DEVIL IS GOING TO KILL YOU! You have SATAN in your eyes! What did I do to deserve this? The DEVIL is taking my soul!!!"
Yeah, um, this was an interesting night :)

Goodnight Mr.Devil.


Liz said...

"SpiteSpright"?? WTF, dude? It's "sprite," like the fizzy drink.

Like that guy on Salute Your Shorts used to say, "Get it right or pay the price!"


Jaimie said...

My goodness, that's alot of evil in one day!


Rachel said...

First of all, that was quite a fun post to read.

Im Rachel and I ran into your blog on the upstate NY knitters.

I live in liverpool On just the other side of John Glenn, and was wondering if Bville has any good yarn stores...

...because downtown Syracuse is a bit of a trek for yarn

Rachel said...

Id totally be interested, thanks! Well rather, for as long as Im around...I go back to school in the fall. But Id love to join you for as long as I can!