Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Look at what I bought this weekend!

Last Saturday I went to Starbucks with my knitting gals. Unfortunately, I somehow, with some help from the wind, managed to spill my IZZE Sparkling Blackberry drink on our table, the ground, IN my purse, all over the outside of my knitting bag, on my pants and sandals, and worst of all.... on Erin. I felt like such an idiot! I decided to blame it on my least favorite person, George Bush. Erin, her mom, and I took a drive over to our LYS and look what I bought!!

4 Skeins of Rowan Kid Classic! Colors are #827, 835, 845, and 847. I am going to knit myself a Dr. Who Scarf. Isn't this exciting?! Purple is my favorite color, the red matched my shoes and my skiing gear (that I still need to buy), the orange matches my shoes AND my kneelength jacket, and the sage is just perrrrrty. And, all of these skeins were 20% off. YAY!

10 skeins of Rowan dk tweed in color #852 Seal. This eventually will make me a luscious sweater. All of this yarn only cost me $50! Seeing as how it's normally $10 PER skein, I got it all for 1/2 price! That's HALF PRICE!!!

Last but not least, I got these 6 balls of GGH Gala. I bought them because of the color and the slight shine to it. Little did I know that regular price was $11 per ball. I got ALL 6 for..... SIX DOLLARS! What a steal! This will make a heavenly scarf.

Needless to say, I have a few things to make. Now I just need to find more time.... Thanks for the fun day Erin!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Nothing is wrong....

So apparently "nothing is wrong" with my car... How the hell can this be true?? Obviously, if the damn thing didn't start on more than one occasion, SOMETHING IS WRONG. Either way, I got it back today and they fixed a few things under warranty that I wanted replaced. Let's see how long my car makes it with "nothing wrong".... Screw you Billy......

Also- today is Dad's 46th birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! I love you!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Count away!

This is short, but I don't care.
Check out my new Andale Counter! Isn't it COOL!!

counter 1

I'm so proud of it, sitting on the bottom of my left sidebar.... YAY! I got it only to read when a new person comes onto the site, not when it's just refreshed. Now if I could only remember my chinese numbers....

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Billy Fucillo isn't so HUGE.

I have to start on a good note, because the rest of this will not be so pleasant. School is going much better than last year Currently I have a B, and I'm trying to raise it to an A. I do need to study more so I've joined a study group. I can't wait to get into the hospital and have the chance to work on a REAL person- not just a dummy.

So Saturday I was leaving school to go on my lunch break, when low and behold, my car wouldn't start. The radio/AC/lights came on, but the engine didn't even turn over. HOW INCONVENIENT! James came to get me at school and we went out for a lovely lunch at Biscotti's Cafe. After class ended I called Hyundai Roadside Assistance and they came to get my car. Unfortunately, I was in a parking lot, parked on a hill, with a barrier infront of my car. The towtruck guy couldn't move my car enough to get it on the flatbed. If we waited until Monday to tow it, he would have about 200 extra cars in the way. So I told him I would do it. He put it in neutral and I pushed the damn thing up the hill to a spot where he could get it on the flatbed. Yay for adrenaline and my muscles =-) My car is now at the dealership where it "could take a couple weeks to get it looked at". WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT. I have a warranty that covers all the work on the damn thing as long as it's not the battery or the remote car starter. With my luck, it will be both. They don't have any loaner cars, so I'm going to have to find ways to get around for a while. If my car is in the shop for so long, I wonder if they will pay my car payment for next month??? Hhmmm... I HATE them.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Coming soon....

Bear with me- I'm trying to update all of my links, my template, and load in more pictures. If you have any suggestions to this blog, feel free to comment! Seattle pictures are coming soon!! So is my creative project gallery!!!

Also 1 rant.... THIS WEATHER IS AWFUL. I can't believe how hot it is outside. I started my car today, turned on the A/C, and let it run a few minutes before I got in it. After I climbed in, I drove for 15 minutes... Shouldn't the A/C decide to KICK IN by then? I think my car is soaking in the heat and ignoring the A/C.... Maybe I will move to Seattle in a few years.