Monday, July 18, 2005

Count away!

This is short, but I don't care.
Check out my new Andale Counter! Isn't it COOL!!

counter 1

I'm so proud of it, sitting on the bottom of my left sidebar.... YAY! I got it only to read when a new person comes onto the site, not when it's just refreshed. Now if I could only remember my chinese numbers....


ErLeCa said...

IE sucks, your counter is showing up next to your left sidebar! Grrr. But on the other hand, it's pretty cool!

Oh! And are you going to be downtown on Saturday? I could lend you the HP book if you wanted to read it!

Bean said...

I will be at knitting Saturday if I have a F**** car.... Still no word on what's wrong with it or when it will be done. Did you notice that you're the only one who responds to my blog? Atleast I know someone is reading this =-)

ErLeCa said...

Hey, someone's better than no one right? :)