Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Coming soon....

Bear with me- I'm trying to update all of my links, my template, and load in more pictures. If you have any suggestions to this blog, feel free to comment! Seattle pictures are coming soon!! So is my creative project gallery!!!

Also 1 rant.... THIS WEATHER IS AWFUL. I can't believe how hot it is outside. I started my car today, turned on the A/C, and let it run a few minutes before I got in it. After I climbed in, I drove for 15 minutes... Shouldn't the A/C decide to KICK IN by then? I think my car is soaking in the heat and ignoring the A/C.... Maybe I will move to Seattle in a few years.

1 comment:

ErLeCa said...

Your's isn't the only car that's finding it hard to cool down in this freaking heat! These thunderstorms today haven't even made it cooler out. blah!