Thursday, May 12, 2005


The otherday James won tickets on NPR to go see the YellowJackets This evening James and I headed out to Rome (NY) to see them.
They were outstanding!
I haven't been to hear a Jazz Quartet in some time. It makes me think about how much I miss playing my saxophone.
The opening band, however, was the Rome YMCA Jazz Band I guess they were good for their ages, but honestly I would not have felt bad if I missed them. Sorry guys (and 1 gal).

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Susan said...

Hi Jill - Iwas editing the links on our MSN site and thought I'd check out your blog. My husband and I were at that concert too. We have been following the Jackets for just about as long as they have been a band and have traveled to Buffalo, the Finger Lakes Wineries, Schenectady and Albany to hear them. We were really impressed with the RFA auditorium. Wish I had known you were there ... I was knitting a shawl during the concert - in the dark! Amazing that it turned out well!! Hope to see you at a knitup soon. - Susan