Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I did it... FINALLY!!

After months of agonizing over what haircut to get when I donate for Locks of Love, I finally decided. Today was the day! I went over to Trade Secret in Great Northern Mall where they will shampoo/cut/style your hair for free, then mail it in. Nothing felt better than a FREE haircut!

Here is before:
(Me and James for Christmas 2003)

And after:
(this evening after my haircut)

Do you all approve? I feel like the picture on the left ages me, but the pic on the right doesn't. How the hell does that happen????

Goodnight y'all.


ErLeCa said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! The haircut rocks! It looks so good on you, I love it! I don't even know what it would be like to chop off all my hair. I've had it long for forever!

Yours looks so good though. I definitely approve!

fabrication said...

what she said! that's a great cut on you. how much did you get taken off?

Bean said...

10 1/2 inches are gone!! James said I lost 6 lbs of hair =) It feels so good to have it gone AND donated. Thanks guys!

Liz said...

The last pic is a-dorable, btw. :)