Friday, October 14, 2005

Rhinebeck Here I Come!!!

So I've decided to go to Rhinebeck, thanks to a persuasion by Erin and Elizabeth. We're all going to carpool the 3 hour drive to spend the day trying not to spend money. My problem is, I am new at knitting. I started almost 1 year ago. I have made a scarf for my boyfriend, a hat and 1 mitten for myself (the otherone is coming i swear!), 1 3/4 socks (they seem to never end), a neonatal winter hat to donate to the hospital, and I've started making some Christmas presents that I can't talk about because some of those people read the blog. I've seem to fallen out of the knitting mood lately. I'm hoping this festival will help enthuse me! I guess the blogger meeting time is NOON outside of Building #26. See you all there!

So I'm annoyed with eBay. I listed my "coach-like" bags, and they deleted them because they're violating some stupid eBay rule. UGH. So, if anyone wants to buy a bag, they're $12 w/o shipping and I take paypal. Just let me know. On that note, I'm looking for a somewhat local retailer who would be willing to buy all of my Chinese items off of me. I have about $25K worth of merchandise. I believe that justifies my 15-20 40gallon totes in my storage closet... Bleh. I just don't have time to eBay them all. Any leads for me??

I really should be working on my homework....

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