Friday, February 16, 2007

I've been published!

Hours after I uploaded my peanut butter salmonella photos, I received this letter from Calder, the Director of Public Relations at

:: Your Salmonella photo

Hi Jill Rachel,

This is clorenz41. One of our Vancouver contributors posted
a story on the Salmonella recall, and found that people on
Flickr were sharing photographs relating to the story. I
wanted to see if you would be interested in contributing to
the article.

The post is on NowPublic, which is a news sharing community
that relies on stories, photos, & videos from sources like

Director of Contributor Relations @

So... without further a-do... Here is my link :)
If for some reason it doesn't load, let me know. Here is a screen shot of the website!


Thank you NowPublic and Flickr!

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