Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What it takes to live in a snow belt....

So everyone knows that I HATE THE WINTER!!! I can't wait to move out of New York and not have to shovel or anything!

So yesterday in the spirit of Valentine's Day, or the fact that I needed exercise and wanted to do a selfless deed, I headed out to my horrid parking lot. Noticing that the plows had yet to come through and clean up the lot, I proceeded to dig out my car and move it to a more cleared out spot.
under the snow

A couple people were snowed in, so I helped dig them out as well. Then I figured it would be nice of me to clear out a few spots so when people came home from work, they would have a spot to park. Walking back in towards the building, I noticed the walkways were way too covered. So, I cleared out the 3 of those as well.
walkway #1
Walkway #2 and #3
I hope people appreciate this, since no one else did a damn thing about the awful snow covered complex. Too bad they don't know that it was me who did it all. Talk about a self-less deed!

When I finally got inside, 90 minutes later, I realized the necessities of snow shoveling.
Shoveling Necessities!
Post-Shoveling Remedy :)

I have to be glad though... At least I didn't get as much snow as Erin did!

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Windyridge said...

Yeah, I've been shovelling and snowblowing for the past three days. I get done, the wind blows or it snows, I get to do it again, despite the snow fencing.