Thursday, April 19, 2007


So I've been doing a lot of thinking... Should I go vegetarian? I am a hardcore meat lover, but lately I just feel bad for eating the foods that I do. I think on occasion I will still eat some seafood when I go out for sushi or to my mothers house, but this will definitely be a rare thing. I must say goodbye to meat.....

I've been reading up on sites such as Vegetarian Dining, Happy Cow, Scott Young, and the Vegetarian Society. I really want to become a healthier, happier person, and maybe this will help me? I think I am going to do a 1 month trial starting NOW to see if I like the lifestyle change. It definitely helps that a bunch of my friends are vegetarian or vegan- I know there will be good moral support!

Any suggestions on sites to go to or recipes to make?? Please help!


Tosh said...

Try grass fed beef instead. Eat meat less often. Don't go cold turkey.

Liz said...

Well, you know you have my support on this. My recipe suggestion is to Google "tofu recipes" and start browsing - there are a shit ton of tasty things you can do with tofu.

Just promise me you won't ever go vegan. Veg is good, but vegan is (for the most part) crazy. (And now I am going into hiding so the wacky PETA people can't find me and harass me about that last comment...)