Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Let the games begin!

I started dating Kevin back in the fall of 1998. I was SKINNY! Yes, I was sick because of just coming home from being in China for a while, but I looked gooooood. I think I was somewhere around 140 or so. Not too shabby for a gal who is almost 5'8". Well, almost 5'8" on a good day :) We broke up in Spring of 1999. I went on to touring Europe for the summer of 2000 while having my home base be in Limanova Poland. December 2000 - January 2001 I was in China for the second time. March of 2001 I fell and injured my back. The weight just kept on piling on. March 2002 I finally had back surgery after gaining somewhere around 30 lbs because of immobility issues. I was on bed rest for 8 weeks and was also hospitalized a 2nd time for paralysis. I gained more weight during this time. Summer of 2004 I began to have some other medical problems that had me gain more weight because of my doctor messing around with my birth control pills. Then, my depression began to get worse. March 9, 2006 James and I broke up. My diet started that day. As my regular readers know, I lost a bit of weight. So, over the course of the past year with my dieting and not, I've only lost a total of like, 15lbs. NOT ENOUGH.

It's true that you should be in a relationship with the person who makes you be the best YOU possible. Someone who makes you happy inside and out. Someone who you are IN LOVE with. Kevin and I got back together a few weeks ago after our almost-a-decade-stent. His sister found me on myspace and helped me get back in touch with him. Things have been FANTASTIC so far (knocks on wood). I hate getting my hopes up about relationships because when I do, they don't work out. So all I will say is that I am ecstatic that we are trying things again. He is helping me feel way more motivated and more conscious about my health (aka weight). He knows how happy I was back in the day when I was a lot thinner, but not too thin. I had curves. I still have curves, but not the right ones! So today when I got home from class I started going through an old box of photos. I found all the old ones of me and Kevin from way back in the day. You can tell from the pictures just how happy I was. I am scanning the pictures in tonight, so I will post them later or just another day.

So.... here we go kids.... This is me promising to lose all this friggen weight and to get back in shape! I'm NOT telling you how much I weigh because that's just embarrassing. Now, I don't plan on getting down to 135 or 140 because I think that's a bit too thin. I will have a more reasonable goal for now. Anyways, I will keep my blog posted as to my progress. I will have my weight loss/BMI ticker at the very bottom of this page (not in a side bar because the new blogger templates are not that great).

Wish me luck!!


Erin said...

I'm really happy you feel motivated again! (And that you're not with someone who makes you unhappy)

LisaB said...

Good luck on the weight loss (and the relationship)!
I need to get back into exercising again. I started to feel really good (physically and mentally) when I did.
I'm glad you have found the right motivation for you. :)