Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stuff, and things, and well, you know how it goes.

After 1 month of interviewing at Upstate, I finally got a job! Well, pending my references.... It's not the job I applied for, but they basically created a position because they wanted me in their office. I will be working with Dr.Hodge and Dr.Hall (the new Chairman) at Upstate Neurosurgical Associates. Basically, me Debbie (the administrative assistant) will be in charge of these 2 doctors. I am her assistant. We will be doing all of the administrative and clinical work for Dr.Hall, and all of the clinical work for Dr.Hodge. This probably sounds like a bunch of jarble to some of you, so I apologize. This job will bring me out of the night shift, and on to the 830-430 shift (approximately). I will have time for night classes and a 2nd job if I choose to get one. To celebrate me getting this job offer, Kevin took me out to dinner Ichiban's and we brought Mark along. I ordered the Crystal Bubble (sushi) and the steak/scallop hibatchi, Mark ordered Tempura Vegetables, and Kevin ordered this Sushi dinner- all raw fish (eek!) The sushi chef, Chris, also gave us a ton of free sushi samples. Of course, hot Sake was a must as well.

So the weight loss.... I've lost 5.2lbs in 10 days. Yey. Let's just hope I can keep it up! Having a job where I'm way more active will help me a lot. Lisa wants to meet at the park a couple nights a week to go running/rollerblading after work. As soon as the money starts rolling in I will be getting a bike and a gym membership too.

Next week will be the start of uber-busy Jill!

Classes are going well.... My photography class is wonderful- I love shotting rolls of B+W film then having the satisfaction of developing and printing myself. When I have a house I AM getting a dark room!!! I don't care the cost. Math class is okay... I'm a math nerd, but I'm finding myself very frustrated these days. I just can't get with the program! It's like, if I don't get enough sleep or enough nutrients, I can't concentrate on my math. There have been many occasions that I have left my computer, taken a nap, and returned to do the math about 4 hours later. I just keep telling myself- less than 2 months left.....

Noah has been working hard on his first musical, ANNIE JR.! I've been going up to the school to help him and the other boys with their makeup and costume changes. I really miss doing theatre- maybe I will do some this summer.
This is how mom does his makeup.
This is how I do his makeup.
Here are some pictures of the dress rehersal:
Take a bow!
Tonight is opening night- there are other performances saturday night and sunday afternoon. I'm so excited for him! He plays Mister Bundles, a servant, a NYC man, and the sound effects man. He does such a great job!!

On the knitting note.... I'm almost done with the birthday scarf, and I'm almost done with 1 of my socks out of the AWESOME yarn I got at Rhinebeck. No current pictures, because you can't really tell when only a few inches have been knit. I will post pictures when they are completed.

I think that's all for now.... Syracuse people- enjoy this burst of good weather!!

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