Sunday, February 05, 2006


In my daily blog-hopping, I found this blog that I rather enjoy. I don't know why. It's simple with nice pictures of pretty people. This women takes pictures every day of stuff- everyday stuff. I love reading blogs about people I don't know. Well, interesting people I don't know. Or interesting people I DO know. And, if the post pictures of their pets (preferably dogs) and children, I love it even more. I think children are so amusing. Check out this site and listen to this little girl. It turns out that the woman who writes this blog, Heather Armstrong, was dooced. She's the chic who got fired from her job in LA because she was blogging about it. (see definition #2)

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ErLeCa said...

I've been reading that blog for probably half a year and seriously, the woman is hysterical! I love that blog.