Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The terrors of when class is canceled last minute...

So, I'm a sucker for wanting class to be canceled. In grade school I remember *wishing* for the damn day to come that I didn't have to catch the awful bus with my dreaded bus driver Judy, (who by the way only listened to the oldies station and I have fearful nightmares about the 1964 #2 hit song "My boy Lollipop" ), at 640am. Who seriously thinks that students enjoy waking up this early? So last week we obviously didn't have a snow day since it was in the 50's for most of the week. We did, infact, just had a day off. Our teacher's child got sick. Sorry for the child, but YAY TO ME!!!

So what would you do if the class you were supossed to be in for the next 4.5 hours got canceled and you didn't even have to work that day?? SHOP!

I ran up to LeMoyne College bookstore to buy my favorite Avery sticky tab thingies that I am now obsessed with. They are just so great because they are restickable, eraseable, reinforced with a thick plastic backing, and they come in these pretty colors. I despise the plain 'ol yellow ones. I can't seem to find many places in Syracuse that sell these, so I truck up to LeMoyne and pay only $3 per 48count. Not a bad deal!

I then realized that The Knitting Connection off of Thompson Road, is not too far from the college. Yay! I went over there and found some nice stuff. The first thing on the left when you walk in the door is a "left over" bin. Everything in there is only $1. When they make samples or have classes, the left over gets wound up into a ball and tossed there. I got, from L to R (front row) 1 ball of this light blue flecked cotton worsted weight, 1 ball of grey wool mohair goodness, 1 ball of a fabulous orange in wool and something else soft, and 3 balls of grey wool and angora worsted weight. I'm thinking of making mittens for my nephew and little cousins. Not sure yet. The Angora is going to be mittens for myself because my school campus is on a hill and it is COLD. In the background are 7 skeins of Frosting, by Bernat (Wool and Nylon, 110 yards per skein). These skeins were in the clearance bin for CHEAP! I think I'm going to make myself a nice fashion scarf to wear with my Dark purple cordoroy jacket from Eddie Bauer that I love. With the left overs I will be making dress up scarves for my 2 little girl cousins, E and K.

That ended my shopping for the day. I was very pleased.

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ErLeCa said...

Ah yes, the day off school can definitely be a dangerous thing!