Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Vacation, Here I Come!

In 4 1/2 hours, I will be leaving for FLORIDA! I'm so excited. (and I'm not packed yet! AHH!!) My Brother is getting married on Saturday at the Crosley Mansion in Sarasota. I will not be back until Friday morning March 3rd. Of course, I will be bringing my trusty laptop hoping that I can get wireless internet at my uncle's (where I'm staying). If not, I will have to venture to a Panera Bread or somewhere that has free wireless. I admit- I'm addicted. This is my 9th post this month. Definately not the norm for me! I need to do some soul searching, so hopefully this vacation and this blog will help me with that. Anyways, I will take many pictures, and hopefully post as I go.

Oh- I may have some Bean's Stock news when I get back. We will see!!

Day #1 rains a bit.

Day #2 rains a lot.

Day #3 has really HIGH winds. If you look closely you will see white caps. This is supossed to be a lake, NOT an ocean. The picture craps because I was driving 55mph while taking it. Woops.

Day#4 snows and snows and snows. This is the same stretch of road as day #3. Now I'm going 10mph.

Now WHO can tell me they would rather be in NY than in FL right now???

...I thought so...

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ErLeCa said...

Have fun on your trip. I know I had fun on mine. But like you said, with all that snow and wind, who'd want to be in NY?