Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mailbox 'o Goodies, all for me of course =-)

My mailbox has been full lately.
Look at what's arrived!!!

My "Pork Chop" pincushion that I bought from a crafty gal, Kimberly Pye, who sells her stuff on I'm so in love with this thing!

Ahh... Martha Stewart. I got this book cheap because the editor made an error on one of the pages. What do I care? A MS book for $4? I can handle this.

Again, my Pork Chop pincushion. :)

My nursing life in a nutshell. The 2nd edition of The Atlas of Pathophysiology is the best text I think I have ever bought for my education. It's CRAZY the amount of things that I have learned just this week from it.

Lastly, oboe supplies. I know.... I'm dull. But HEY! This is NEEDED gear. I got my new waterholder that clips to my music stand, Fishskin (aka Goldbeater's Skin. Good substitution is plumbers tape), a new ebony cutting block, and a new plaque. Yay!!! They also sent me some cool stickers that aren't pictured.

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ErLeCa said...

Oh my god, I love the piggy pincushion, it's so cute! Though I can't say I'm as excited about your Atlas of Pathophysiology, but hey, that's ok. If you're excited about it that's all that matters!