Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ceremonies and Sadness

I know I neglect blogger most of the time. I'm such a slacking blogger! I want to back track for a minute.

On March 31st I had my committment ceremony for nursing school. This marks the fact that we only have 1 year left (yay!!) and we now committ ourselves to the healthcare field and pledge to be the best person that we can be. It truly was a life changing ceremony. The Father blessed crosses (our school's symbol- it's a catholic school) for us to wear everyday to remind us of our duty. This is me and Theresa, and me and Elaine. I love them both to pieces! Not to mention the fabulous hats....

On the same night that I had this wonderful ceremony, tragedy happened.
What's this you ask??

This is the JoAnns that just closed on the 30th of March. It makes me so sad to see it gone! I worked there for 3 years, starting the DAY that I turned 16. This JoAnns used to be across the hall from where it is now, and when I was even younger, they used to let me come in and roll remnant fabrics, straighten, drool, etc. They would pay me with JoAnns sweatshirts. What a deal! Before that, well, I guess I'm a JoAnns baby. I was born at 215 in the morning, and my mother didn't want to stay in the hospital because the food sucked. So, we got discharged and I was at JoAnns by 9am when they opened the SAME DAY I was born. How lame am I?? I feel like a part of me died when this store left... Atleast I have another one nearby.


ErLeCa said...

Sorry to hear about the JoAnn's closing. At least you have more to go to and the ceremony sounded inspiring!

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I saw that they closed one at the mall and put a dollar-thingy in it's place... Super bummer. Congratulations on your commitment!

fabrication said...

I was in that dollar store yesterday and thinking, hey, this is where the knitting needles used to be.

Now it's fuzzy steering wheel covers and dodgy-looking bungee cords.


Check this out for more nostalgia, and don't ask how I found it!