Monday, April 10, 2006

Moving Day has come

Today I'm moving into my new apartment across town. I'll be living alone in an apartment owned by my mother. Thankfully I am able to paint or do whatever I want. Yay! I'm so sick of "eggshell" colored walls everywhere... I will have an actual craft room, and of course, I am making a knitting area in the living room. I will miss the days here of the sun coming through the windows all the time. I will miss how pretty our buildings look. But, I need my independance, I need my sanity, and most important, I need more time for school and work. Let's all hope that this is a good move for me.

Oh!! For those of you that keep bugging me about my pictures from florida, here are a few.

I now have my own Flickr site, and there are more for your viewing pleasure :) The link will always be on my page for convenience.

I am updating Bean's Stock. I am not using blogger anymore for the site- I have a private one. The blogger site, well, probably just as an update page for Bean's Stock. Please visit my store! I have decided to incorporate some new ideas and they will be posted there soon. Please send comments about that site to so I know how to improve it. Thanks!

My internet will be hooked up Wednesday morning. Posting will definately resume then and be on a more regular schedule.

So long for now!


Kelly B said...

My boyfriend and his family are from B'Ville- it's a cute little town. Hope you enjoy the new place!

ErLeCa said...

Great pictures from the wedding! It looked beautiful!

Have fun moving. I hope you have a lot of help, I've seen the amount of fabric and yarn you have!!!