Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quick update

So today marks 5 weeks on the Atkins Diet, and 5 weeks being single again. Can I say I feel completely different? I do, however, miss the companionship of having a boyfriend and not being alone when I come home from work. Maybe I will just buy me a fish? I can't have a dog here, so yeah.. maybe a nice little Beta fish. As for the pounds, I don't miss them at all! I have lost 14 pounds to date. It's been a slow decline, but it's healthier than losing it fast. I feel great, and I don't crave all those nasty foods anymore. I'm so proud of myself for losing this much weight so far. Now, if I can just keep losing it!

My new home is coming along nicely. It was DESTROYED when I got there, so I had to do a lot of repairing, painting, cleaning, etc. I still have a lot of painting to do... I am proud to say that I have been slacking :) I picked my color palate from Martha's collection. I want this place to have a nice asian flair throughout all the rooms. I still have stuff to move out of ex-Mr.Bean's (who will now be called fun_with_cheese) apartment, but I will get it eventually. I really need to have a GIANT garage sale.

What about my knitting you ask? HA!! In the past 3 weeks, I picked up my dreaded sock project for 5 minutes yesterday. Then, some good company came to visit with me for a while and my motivation ended. It's not that I don't like the sock, but I am just bored with it! I've made 1 full sock, and 75% of the other. Yet I still have no motivation to finish the toe. I have a feeling this will be a Christmas present for someone. Someday I will get back in the groove!

I met my first blog-reader on Thursday. Becka, The Knitting Wounded, flew to Syracuse from her homestate of California. She purchased my 1st ever Hawaiian Chocolate knitting needle case. I was so excited! It's really funny how Blogging brings people together.


ErLeCa said...

Hopefully I can come see your new apartment sometime. I will have a few weeks between when school ends and I go out to CO! Speaking of which, I hope you're going to be planning a trip out there to visit me!!!! Oh and congratulations on selling your first needle case!!!

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

Thank you so much for coming and bringing me the needle case!!! It was really exciting meeting another knitting blogger. I love the case; it holds all my needles perfectly! Thank you , thank you, thank you!