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20days of back blogging tons of pics

So finally, I'm sitting here at Erin's apartment in the middle of nowhere. She is forcing me to back-blog . I mean really, twist my arm! Liz and I drove up to see her tonight to knit, but as you can tell not much of that happened for me. I ended up taking pictures of her new Knit Picks sample cards. I think I'm in love. Aren't my gals just the best??

Being the semi-socialite that I am, this post may take a few days.

Alright! Let's start with the back-blogging.

December 15, 2005
I GAVE MY NOTICE AT WORK!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? I decided to give them just about 3 weeks so that I didn't screw them completely over since I'm the only one in the office who knows how to do any of the reports/stats/whatever you want to call them. I was offered a position as a Student Float nurse at the hospital part time which actually will pay more than working full time where I currently am. How stupid would I be not to transfer? My last day will be on Wednesday 1/4/06 (Strategically after the 1st so I don't loose my saved up holiday time =-) ). For the first time in a LONG time, I will now be working part time and going to school full time. yay!

December 18, 2005
Finals for school were this weekend. I just feel like vomiting. Our 101B course (professional nursing) final was just dreadful. I don't even want to mention my Pharmacology course. I like drugs- they're interesting. I do NOT like listening to why drugs are classified as whatever and the history behind the making of drugs. BORING. Just give me the pill and I'm your friend. =-) Anyways, when a teacher tells you to look over the information that you missed on the last tests, you really should listen. See, in test review we're not allowed to have writing utensils or paper so we can't write out what we got wrong. Unless you have a photographic memory, this is impossible to remember the 100 questions on the test. Anyways, I was not prepared. I even took the morning off on the 16th to study. However, we had a lovely blizzard that piled several feet of ice and snow blocking my front door from opening, and my car from moving out of the parking lot. Thank goodness for those usually worthless maintenance people at my complex. One guy who was plowing helped crack the ice around the tires while I chizzled the ice off of my windows.... 1 1/2 hours later, we were done. So much for getting to school early to study! Rule of thumb? DON'T PROCRASTINATE!
Oh! Here's our school Christmas tree and Receptionist:

Isn't she just fabulous?

December 24, 2005
I feel like crap. For the first time in years, I'm missing the Christmas Eve service at Mom's church. Not that I go to church on a regular basis, but Christmas Eve doesn't seem to bother me. I get to see all of the kids I grew up with, their husbands/wifes/SO's/kids. It's hard to believe that these people have families!! They're only 22 years old! I couldn't even imagine being ready to take care of children. I just want to be in a career before I worry about never having ANY time to travel and study. I always feel like I should be all dressed up and looking pretty for these mini-reunions. However, I always end up looking like crap because you know what? I just don't care.

December 25, 2005
Mr.Bean and I woke up early and opened presents at our home.

Finally, after a few years asking for these, I got them!! Yes, my leopard print slippers!!! Believe it or not, I have had these slippers since January 2000 and I have replaced the insides 4 times with various faux furs to try and save them.

My poor old SAD SAD slippers.... My new babies. I think I'm in love!

Mr.Bean also got me a gorgeous handmade jewlery box from People's Pottery. Artist Michael Fisher created this piece called "Meadow". It is made of Bubinga and Bird's Eye Maple I'm so excited to finally have a GOOD jewelry box.

*For Liz, I bought her the pen she really wanted. A Retro51 Fountain Pen in Turquoise. Also some other random stuff including a lovely lime green yarn from Elegant Needles in Skaneateles. I wish I could remember what the yarn was called.
*For Betsy, my sister, I made her a scarf out of Homespun Yarn, bought her POCKY from Seattle, and new Fiskars Soft Touch scissors (which I almost kept for myself!) I also handmade her 3 stockings and gave them to her Christmas Eve.

I bought Erin a pretty green(s) woven scarf from Banana Republic.

Mr.Bean and I spent the day at my Mom and Dad's home.

We ate breakfast, opened presents, then lounged around the rest of the night. I LOVE doing nothing days.
Oh yeah, I got THIS! How exciting?!?!?!?

*My mom, being the wonderful mom that she is, got me a brand spanken new serger! This serger will help me make my store, Bean's Stock, full of top quality products. (More info coming soon of course.)
Mom got wireless internet from my Dad, so us 4 sat on our laptops at the Dining Room table for a while looking at a trip to Alaska for my Mom's 50th Birthday. How exciting :) It was a wonderful day with my family and I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

January 1, 2006

School gave us the day off. Can you believe it? We had to stay late on friday and saturday, but it's worth it! I'm going to go to Mom's all day to make some scrubs for my job. James has to work.

Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions:
(sent to my by ING Financial Planning.)
1. Think about it. Don't make a last minute resolution for the sake of it. Resolutions should be well considered and meaningful to your own situation.
2. Make it realistic. Don't make a resolution that is unreasonable or unrealistic to achieve. Consider your own ability to actually achieve your resolution.
3. Set a firm resolution. Resolutions tend to fall into one of two categories, you are either going to start or stop doing something. Take it a step further and be speific and measure about what the results of that action will be for your own life and situation.
4. Set a timetable. Remember that a goal is a dream with a deadline.
5. Make a plan. Assess how much time and effort your resolution will take, and plan for it.
6. Find resources. A resolution is a change in behavior, something new for you to accomplish. It's logical that you might need help or advice.
7. Remind yourself. Create a self reminding prompt that keeps your resolution top of mind well beyond those early days of January. Tape a piece of paper to the mirror, set up a computer prompt or reminder, mark your calendar.
8. Don't give up. Don't panic or let setbacks derail your overall plan. If you slip, simply pick right back up again.
9. Find a resolution partner. Find a sympathetic partner with a resolution of his or her own. Support each other.
10. Reward yourself! Don't forget to recognize and reward your successes! Changing habits and behaviors is hard work; use your imagination to find creative ways to treat yourself for your accomplishments.

January 4, 2006
Today was my last day at work. I definately have mixed emotions about this place. I will miss some of the staff, few of the patients, and only parts of the work. I really enjoyed creating spreadsheets, automated report stats, and being the creative go-to person for the whole office. My days of being a medical secretary are over. Woohoo! Here are my ladies:

2 of my favorite ladies in medical records, Michelle and Chris, got me these lovely roses.

I will definately miss parts of the job, but I know I made the right decision to persue my nursing.

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YAY!!! I've been wondering when this post was going to show up ever since you left my place! Of course, since it was backdated, I kind of heard all of it from you first hand! Ha! Still fun to read about it though!