Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Logo Time!!

Okay. I can't seem to be creative enough to make a damn logo. I made 2 up using the colors from this blog, and the other out of the colors from my Store's Blog. The actual website should be coming soon! Does anyone have any tips on making a logo for my knitting/crochet accessory/needle bags that I'm making? Should I have the background be a fabric that I will be using? This is totally stressing me out. I was Ben's (my brother) fiance Kesar create one for me since she has a graphic design degree and makes all the stuff for Ben. However, they're getting married in a month and haven't the time. Should I hire someone?

Here are some lame ideas I have started with:
Number 1:

Number 2:
Number 3:

Keep in mind, this will be printed on Business Cards, Lables, Flyers, etc. Please give me input or suggestions! If someone submits to me a GREAT logo suggestion that just captures my little heart, and doesn't look like the ones above, you may just receive a little prize in the mail.


ErLeCa said...

I actually like the first one the best. It's simple. Easy to recognize and the colors are great. I'd probably make the text just a smidge bolder so it shows up more. Other than that, it's my favorite.

Amanda Cathleen said...

just an idea: What if you scanned your favorite fabric into your computer and put your logo on top of it? I like the ones that you came up with on your own, I like the bottom one because its simple, clean and I like the font : )
btw I like your blog, and its good to know your alive.

fabrication said...

I'll see what I can whip up at work (yay for free access to Illustrato and Photoshop!)

Jennie said...

I like #3. The colors work well together. It's simple and fun.

Christina said...

I like the first one. The problem with the second one is that the words blend into the back ground. Here is a trick I use: Type the name in a dark color, then type it again in a lighter color. Put the lighter words on top of the darker words slightly askew, so the words underneath peek through. Voila! Instant shadow! (It makes the words pop.)